A highly professional and entertaining four piece band with a spectacular theatrical-style circus show and a loud and catchy hard-rock sound. Fronted by an energetic vocalist with a powerful voice and backed by three highly talented musicians, this dynamic outfit is an absolute must for top quality live entertainment.


This Hard-rock band from Quebec, Canada, is among the most remarkable bands of the region that brings a theatrical aspect and their own original sound. The band is the heart and soul of his lead singer, Jack Herer. It was in the early 2000s and the following years, and after gaining further experience on stage and in studio, that the Jack Herer concept took shape. In 2008, after more than 15 years, Jack and Steve, his former guitarist and above all old friend, met again and decided to collaborate and join their musical talents. Rapidly, the Jack Herer project evolved under the pen and strings of these two buds. In early 2013, Gil Demon became the new bassman and recently, Tony and Adam joined the band on the drums and guitar.

In the last years, the band found and pushed further the distinctive and particular "sound" of Jack Herer. However, the band has a tumultuous life that does nothing to help its development. Indeed, before meeting Tony and Adam, the group dealt with the passage of many musicians who simply did not fit the project. But most of all, an incident will hit the band in 2013; thousands of dollars in equipment were robbed at their jam room, virtually all instruments. This unfortunate incident, which was publicized on radio and in newspapers, will have the effect of slowing down the pace of the band, but will not affect his motivation.

In 2014, the band recorded his first album, “Circus your Lfe”, and it is now available on digital stores. As well, the band has produced his first video for the song Black Veil.

Jack Herer, is an original band that kicks ass with its heavy rock and high range music. Not only does Jack Herer is focusing on the music, but their mission is to make every show unforgettable. The band wants every show to be a visual and interactive experience worthy of the greatest names in the Rock industry. The visual aspect such as the singer's make up and costumes captures the audience's imagination. All this contributes to the visual set up of the stage.

The band

Jack Herer - Lead vocal
Steve Levine - Guitar
Adam villeneuve - Guitar
Gil Demon - Bass
Tony cassista- Drum